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Smash Karts
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Smash Karts

4.7/5 - (19 votes)

Smash Karts Overview

Karts are fun and all until you realize they also have weapons that can smash other karts. Not only you can smash them, but they can smash you too. It’s a multiplayer game that offers the same strength and weakness to each player. Their desire to win makes them different. The little bad boys have to be awful to collect the boxes of surprise weapons before others and smash the opponents with the weapon they get from the box.

Surviving is not enough. You have to defeat the enemies by blowing them off from the battleground. You don’t have to pick and fire. Explode any kart that comes your way, to win. Go ahead, the battleground is all yours.

How to Play Smash Karts
You can sign in or opt not to by joining the game directly. There is an option to customize the character, his hat or kart. As you play and unlock the levels you get access to customization along with coins. As soon as you enter the battleground the countdown will start. Press any key to get your kart moving. Collect the surprise boxes.

It will grant you a weapon that can only be used once. You can use them to blow off other karts. Collect the boxes and explode as many karts as you can.

Smash Karts Game Controls

  • W/ up arrow: To move forward
  • S/ down arrow: Move Backwards
  • A/ left arrow: To move left
  • D/ right arrow: To move right
  • Space: To attack

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