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4.1/5 - (36 votes) 3D is an online multiplayer game that puts players in control of a snake-like creature as they navigate through a virtual world filled with other players and obstacles. The game is free to play and can be enjoyed on mobile devices or in a web browser. 3D Overview

The game’s objective is to become the longest snake on the playing field by eating pellets and growing in size. As players progress, they will encounter other snakes that they must avoid colliding with to prevent their snake from exploding, which ends the game. Players can use various strategies to outmaneuver other snakes and grow their own, including trapping other snakes and forcing them to collide with their body. 3D is a fast-paced and challenging game that requires quick reflexes and strategic thinking. The graphics are colorful and engaging, and the controls are intuitive and easy to learn. Players can customize their snake’s appearance with different skins and colors, adding a personal touch to their gameplay experience.

How to Play Slither .io 3D

To start playing 3D, players simply need to launch the game on their mobile device or in a web browser. After choosing a nickname and avatar for their snake, they can begin navigating the playing field using the arrow keys or by swiping on their mobile device. The objective is to eat as many pellets as possible to grow in size while avoiding colliding with other snakes.

Players can speed up their snake by pressing and holding the spacebar, but this causes the snake to lose length over time. By trapping other snakes, players can force them to collide with their body, allowing them to collect their pellets and grow even larger.

Slither io 3D Game Controls

The game features simple controls that are easy to learn and use:

  • Move: Use the arrow keys or swipe on your mobile device to move your snake.
  • Speed Up: Press and hold the spacebar to speed up your snake, but be aware that this causes your snake to lose length over time.
  • Customize: Choose from a variety of skins and colors to customize your snake’s appearance.

Players should keep in mind that collisions with other snakes or obstacles will cause their snake to explode, ending the game. As players progress and grow larger, they will become slower and less agile, making it harder to avoid other snakes and obstacles.