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Unleash the soldier within you as the battle of survival is about to kick off. Yeah, you heard it correct you, and the finest of all the survivors will be competing among each other to become the savviest survivor. And don’t be fooled by the pets around you except the one you own as others are on a hunt, which ends with you for their master. This magical world holds an enormous treasure, and it’s you and your magical pet that needs to get hold of it by harvesting as much as you can before your enemies.

Build camps, and destroy wooden trunks to age faster. With increasing age, you get rewarded with food, tools, or weapons, making it easier for you to survive longer. Be quick with the creation of your fort as it helps you secure the base, and don’t forget to add the windmill as it will be the most important asset for you, which will help you to generate gold.

How to Play

As the name suggests, you would have the choice to select one animal as your pet but moving ahead in the game, you can tame up to three animals, but how that is to be done is a mystery for you to solve.The higher the level you reach, the more dangerous things get. Forming your team by joining alliances with others is the best way to survive the battle. Stay smart and sharp while choosing your team, and you will become the mightiest survivor. Explore more with us by diving into this magical adventure and preparing for what comes next.

Taming io Game Controls

Use the arrow keys to move and change direction. Instead, you can use WASD or ZQSD keys alternatively. And use the mouse click to attack the enemies.

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