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Shell Shockers
Shell Shockers
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Shell Shockers

4.5/5 - (24 votes)

Shell Shockers Overview

Different game modes, a lot of excitement, and a hell lot of character customization. Yes, the “Shell Shocker” is a complete package. Play it as you like by choosing from the four gaming modes it has to offer. In the first game mode, you can be a part of the two teams, either red or blue and all you have to do is help your team score the most number of kills to win. The other would be “Captula the Spatula”, wherein the team with the spatula will get points for every kill, but the hack is that if the egg with the spatula dies, the team loses.

So, you know what to do to secure the win for the team. The third one would be “King of the Coop,” and it is exactly how it sounds, two teams will battle against each other to claim a specific area known as the Coop, and all these modes are for those who work well with a team. But, if you are a one-man army, worry not; we have our last mode, “Free for All,” and every egg is out on its own. Kill anyone who comes your way and be the ultimate winner.

How to Play Shell
You need to be very precise with your aim and strategy. Choose the best set of weapons you feel confident using. Check their strengths and drawbacks and see how they fit with your shooter skills. And don’t forget to collect the egg ammunition along the way. Game Controls

To move, use WASD keys. The left click will help you shoot, and pressing “Space” will help you make a jump. Reload your weapon using “R” and “E” to exchange it with a different weapon. And, if the bombing is what you prefer, use “Q” to throw a grenade. Use “Shift” to zoom and aim. Or simply use a Game pad if you like.

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