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Hole io Overview is an addicting 3D online multiplayer game with battle royale elements. Your mission is to play as a moving black hole and swallow everything on your way. You can absorb only those objects which are smaller than your hole.

Be ready to devour cars, people, trees, buildings, rocks, stones, garbage bins and your opponents as well to get upgraded. As much you absorb as bigger and powerful your hole becomes. Be aware of other players whose black holes are larger than yours.

There are two amazing maps to explore. You have to take control of your hole and try to stay alive as you eat various objects on your way to become bigger. Go large and get stronger to swallow your opponents and move forward. Select one of three difficulty options: easy, medium or hard.

How to Play

Choose the City or the Island map to start the Hole IO game and battle your opponents in surviving and growing your black hole. Move along the map and point your hole to the object you want to absorb until it falls inside your hole.

Grow your black hole to devour other players and everything on your way. You can eat humans or vehicles, trees or houses, traffic lights or boats. Just stay away from other opponents who are bigger than you because they can swallow up your hole easily. Game Controls

Use your keyboard Arrow keys to move your black hole. There are two more ways to control your hole along the map: W,A,S,D keys or Mouse cursor on your choice.

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