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Zombs Royale
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Zombs Royale

4.4/5 - (13 votes)

Zombs Royale Overview

You must have the heart and strength of a soldier to enter into Zombs Royale. It is very different from other multiplayer games. You get into a field of possibilities, the possibility of getting weapons in the wooden boxes or getting killed by your enemies. Your heart will miss a beat every time an enemy fires at you.

It is your call to fight back or run for your life, depending on which weapon is used against you. Do not get killed. Survival is the key to winning the game. Running away will not make you a loser. It will let you sustain for longer; ultimately, that’s what matters.

How to Play Zombs

Name your soldier; customize it if you want to, not that it will help you. But it will enhance the appearance of your character. There are multiple modes you can choose from. Be the one-man army and play solo or choose a friend for the duo; if you are blessed with a bunch of friends who happen to be gamers, then join them in the squad mode.

As you start to play, you will notice wooden boxes all over the field; they contain weapons in them, pick the weapons wisely and use them when required. Do whatever it takes to kill and survive; that’s all you need to do.

ZombsRoyale io Game Controls

Use WASD keys or arrows to move, M key or Tab to open the map, E to interact, Left mouse click for shooting, Right click to open emoticon list, press R to reload.

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