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Worms Zone
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Worms Zone

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This is an enormous, fierce field with countless players, with the fundamental rule that the gigantic eats the weak and tiny. Worms Zone is an amazing multiplayer arcade game where you can play with other players and compete for the title of the largest worm. Your task is to control your worm and to eat sweets, candies and different snacks on your way to become the biggest and the strongest worm in the arena. 

The main mission is to turn into the largest worm in the game field, or play the timed mode to twofold your scores and quest for treasures. Research the game area, pick up all snacks you find, and raise your worm as large as you can envision with no restrictions!

How to Play Worms Zone .io?

Pick up the gift on the main menu screen before you start the level and enter the arena. Choose the game mode you want to start with. 

Your main goal is to turn into the largest worm. Crawl around the multiplayer area and gather as many sweets as you can. You can wipe out foes to gather additional snacks. 

Force your rivals knock face-first into your worm’s body. Keep an eye out however, that your worm will kick the bucket assuming you smack your face into another worm’s side. 

While playing the game you will collect different fairy potions which can increase your moving speed, improve your vision range, draw on the food by magnet, or give another valuable help. 

When you gather different things on your way you can upgrade your worm, buy additional lives, open locked game modes, skins, etc.

There will be new options unlocked every time you upgrade your worm. You can see them in the game menu.

Worms Zone io Game Controls

Use your mouse or arrow keys of your keyboard to control your worm. Click your left mouse or space bar to crawl faster and boost your speed.

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