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Game Overview

Voxiom is a voxel game and an FPS where your focus is to craft and survive for as much time as possible. The game is played in real time, and it’s the culmination of different shooting and crafting game ideas. You have a dynamic inventory, and you can hold only a few items there.

Within you can find an extraordinary crafting system that helps you bring any item you want to life. You do need a crafting table in order to create more complex items or even provide weapon upgrades. Weapons in the game range from common and go up to legendary. Not only that, but the blocks in this game also have their fair share of properties, some are harder to break. The game map is also randomized every time, so no two sessions are the same.

How to Play
Voxiom io comes with 2 game modes, battle royale and capture the gems. In capture the gems, your focus is to explore the game world. You have to craft items and prepare yourself as you hunt for the gems found on the map. You are not alone on the map, so you will need to be ready when you find other players. A similar thing happens in the battle royale mode, but in this case you have a shrinking circle that pushes players together and only one player will survive. Game Controls

You can use WASD to walk, Space bar to Jump, Hold Shift to Sprint, C to Crouch, Tab to see the map. X opens the Inventory. Left Mouse click is used for consuming and using items or shooting. Right mouse or F can be used for switching blocks and aiming.

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