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Talking Tom Gold Run
Talking Tom Gold Run
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Talking Tom Gold Run

4.5/5 - (12 votes)

Talking Tom Gold Run Overview

Our favorite Talking Tom is now among the cities most wanted. It is the Unbelievable reflexes that are required for him to win the gold and escape freely. And for that, he needs our help. If you think you have an uncanny ability to judge the track, it is all a win-win for you, and you could help Tom in his escape run with utmost treasure. And, I must warn you of the hurdles that are going to come your way as stopping is not an option for you, but that is what makes this quest more exciting.

Also, there are new challenges every time you log in, which means you would need to be more active with your reflexes and keep it exciting.

How to Play Talking Tom Gold Run

The top ingredient for the win is to keep moving and save Tom from hitting stationary and moving objects. Try to collect the maximum number of gold bricks and coins. Dodge the objects in the way and find the safest way out. Leveling up, you can also unlock new character skin and outfits.

Talking Tom Gold Run Game Controls

Use the right and left arrows to move right and left, respectively. The upward arrow helps you jump over objects, and the down arrow slides beneath them.

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