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If you are someone who loves galaxies and stars, then Slither Rocket is for you. Not only do you get to see the stars, but you can also consume them. You are the astronaut who owns the rocket and moves it around space. Your rocket comes with a small yet very powerful tail. It will die if any other rocket comes in contact with your tail.

Sadly their tail has the same superpower as yours. They will try to eliminate you from space, but you are an astronaut. You have control of your rocket, move it, spin it, and take turns but don’t let them turn you into their food. The bigger you get, the better chances you have of winning.

How to Play Slither Rocket

Give a name to your rocket that pleases you. Tap on play to get the rocket rolling in space. You will notice some rockets with big tails attached to them, unlike you, but you too can grow your tail by roaming around and devouring the stars; they will make you bigger. If you find a row of rockets, consider them your food, as you will consume them, your tail will start to grow.

Try to make it as big as possible. Be the guard to your rocket and protect it from the tail of other rockets. If you fail to, you will end up in a series of rockets that your opponents will consume in no time.

Slither Rocket io Game Controls:

Stir the mouse’s left button to accelerate the rocket and move the mouse to control its movement.

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