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Slither Overview

Let’s live the life of a dragon for a day. I bet it will be as exciting as it sounds. You will start off as a small dragon but can grow into a giant one by eating the eggs on every second step. There is one more exciting way to grow. It is to eat the series of eggs that are left after a slither dragon dies. Careful; if you come in contact with an opponent’s body, you will have to lose your life and be the food to others.

It’s a fair game that offers the same opportunity and advantage to you and your opponents to kill each other. The one who defeats first satisfies the hunger of the other dragons. The game is all about growing into the biggest slither dragon and blocking the way of your opponents, who are also your enemies so that they end up hitting you and dying. The words will not do justice to describe how exciting it is. Play, Eat, Repeat.

How to Play

Choose a skin for your dragon; give it a name of your choice. Enter into the field of enemies as a small dragon and find your way to grow by eating the eggs that are there, and don’t miss on grabbing the series of eggs that is nothing but the body of another dragon who died. As you grow, try to block the way of your enemies so that they get defeated by hitting the body of your slither dragon.

Slither Dragon io Game Controls

Stir the mouse’s left button to accelerate the dragon’s speed and move the mouse to control its movement.

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