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You are invited to a colorful snake party. You are not alone at the party. There are other snakes, too, to make it happen for you, not in a nice way, though. The theme of the party is hit-the-tail-first. Now here is the game, your tail is too innocent to make out who hit it, so even if it’s you, it will not help him survive. If you manage to find the tail of your opponent and hit it before they do, that means you are getting closer to attaining your ultimate goal of painting the whole territory in your color.

You are at an advantage when you start just maintaining it by hiding your fragile tail for as long as possible. While grooving on the floor, do not forget to kill all the fellow snakes and their territories. Careful, they will try to do the same. Reverse action at the party makes it all the more fun. Concentrate on your move to eliminate the risk of getting killed.

How to Play
You can choose different modes and invite your friends over to play with you. There are different criteria for changing your snake’s skin. If you meet any of those, you can change it accordingly. As you enter the game, the snake starts moving, be patient.

Don’t go too far to increase your territory; try to play safe by staying away from the space that looks relatively dangerous. Sustain and grow your territory. In the meantime, your opponents will be eliminated, and you’ll get a bigger space to grow.

Paper io Game Controls

Move your mouse to control the snake.


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