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Let’s get battle ready because this pixelated world is full of shooters from all over the world willing to kill. Make sure to choose your avatar before you join the battle. Every avatar has its style and weapons. You may master them all if you want to. Challenging situations, a bunch of shooters, multiple landscapes, and an amazing variety of weapons. Does this sound exciting to you? If yes, then wait no more.

How to Play

Your agility and your sharpness will determine your survival. But, there is something you must know, all the weapons have their strength and range, so be wise to select the one you think is the best fit. It’s not just the weapon that matters; you must aim precisely to be more efficient. You must also be mindful of your enemies and keep a sharp eye on your surrounding parameters.

You never know when and where, who might be waiting for you. It is a different world you can create with the different landscape options to choose from. Track your score and see how you rise with the increasing number of kills you make. Practice and practice more to hone your skills as an FPS gamer.

Krunker io Game Controls

Use WASD keys to move and left click to shoot. “R” will help you reload the weapon and “C” in aiming better or Zooming the target.

And, if there’s a need to jump or crouch, use “Space” and “Shift.” respectively. And use “P” to spray paint.

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