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GoBattle Overview

The dangerous and sometimes adventurous zones are waiting for you, warrior. Are you ready for the battles? You better be, because there are four fantastic modes not just to test your battle skills but also to make you feel like a true warrior. No matter which mode you choose to play, one thing you cannot afford to do is to drop your guards and underestimate the challenges.

Not that all is bad news, and you have no hope. You can always improve your skills and add to your inventory to prepare for the worse. Just don’t lose hope, no warriors do. May the gods help.

How to play

Pick an epic name for yourself, gear up with the available armory and hone your skills and enter the dangerous areas of each mode.

Move ahead eliminating the enemies, overcoming the hurdles, gathering the useful stuff, and attaining the ultimate goals.

Go Battle Game Controls

Left arrow/A to move back, Right arrow/D to move right, Down arrow/S to duck down, Upper arrow/W to jump, Space bar to throw and V to attack.

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