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Fallerz demands from you not to fall off. If you do, you are dead. You will have to start off again from the beginning. It is an easy and interesting game. Don’t get surprised if you get addicted to it. The characters are tiny and cute. Everyone you encounter standing with you are your opponents.  You have to compete with them to win the race at the fastest pace possible. Sounds like a cakewalk. Well, it can be, if you overcome the hurdles. Yes, you heard it right, hurdles.

There are spinners, moving walls, walking pillars and much more on your way to the finish line that keeps your interest and excitement to win enacted. All you need to do is to keep the fire in you burning till you reach the finish line. Victory is just a race away.

How to Play

Tap on the play button to start the race. Compete with 19 other racers who want to win as much as you want to. Overcome the hurdles and reach the finish line before others. Be careful from falling off the surface unless you don’t want to start again from the starting post. You can run, jump, and move back and forth to avoid falling. Reach the endpoint first and enjoy the triumph.

Fallerz io Game Controls

Left arrow/A to move left, Right arrow/D to move right, Down arrow/S to move back, Upper arrow/W to move forth, Space to jump.
Move the mouse to see the view from different angles.

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