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Introducing to you the most crazy yet happening waterslide ever. Are you afraid of heights or water or slides? Well, even if you are this one is going to blow it all away. Even if you don’t excel in swimming you can beat up the swimmers by being as fast as you can. All your fantasies of flying and kicking out the enemies from getting on your way, will come true when you get-set-go on the waterslide.

Do whatever it takes to reach the end point before your friend, who is by the way also a competitor of yours, leaves you behind. You can plunge them off the slide if required. Take shortcuts by flying like a bird and land further down. You have so many ways to win if you are determined. Go get on the track and make it happen.

How to Play
Start of by picking a unique username for your character, then press enter to land on waterslide that may look crowded as you will be competing with other players or swimmers rather. The main objective of the game is to reach the end point as quickly as you can even if it is required to push other players into the sea or you taking shortcuts by flying off the track and landing further down. If you are unstoppable throughout and dive into the pool before anyone else. You made it. The crown belongs to you. Game Controls:

Left arrow/A: to steer left.
Right arrow/D: to steer right.
Holding left mouse button and navigate.

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